Dec. 4th, 2013

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Due to a suggestion from [personal profile] nethilia well... a suggestion on her blog, I went out and found myself some braid spray which arrived in the mail today. Woo.

Because I didn't want to tackle Addy's hair until mom, sighted person and experienced with dealing with thick hair due to mine, got home, I decided to test it out on an MLP. But who?

Well, I have a lot of what most people call "bait" ponies. I have a habit of rescuing them from eBay and keeping them, chewed horns, missing eye paint, frizzy matted hair and all because I love them, and I hate perfection.

My ponies live (due to a horrid lack of space in this house) in a couple of huge tupperwear tubs until I can get a curio cabinet of my own. So it's to these boxes I ran. And the first pony with frizzy hair I grabbed was Sky Flier.

I hauled her into my bathroom and sprayed her down. I wasn't anticipating how light the formula really is, and got a leetle too much. But in about five minutes hair that had been so frizzy and dry that it practically squeaked when you brushed it was soft and smooth and silky and even better, staying in the style I put it in. So I could FINALLY redo that little mane curl that most MLP of that time period had.

Now. Fast forward about three hours. Mom got home, and somewhere in there we started in on Addy's hair. There's a description of her hair in the last post I did about Miss Addy... Well, we started undoing all that and found the nasty sort of surprise you don't ever want to find. No, no don't worry. I'm not talking about massive hair cuts in weird places you can't see.

Some small child, probably the gifter of the ribbons and the pretty hair ties that are also bows, the pieces of pink and white ribbon we'd mentioned, had also sat and tied part of Addy's hair into little hard knots for no apparent reason. They weren't holding anything in. They were just there. So, with me holding and Mom working, we finally managed to get all that undone, only to find Addy's hair is way drier than I thought it was.

Now bear in mind that I've never, ever dealt with any doll with textured hair before. And this is the first and only Addy I've ever touched, so I'm not sure what a new Addy's is supposed to feel like. But mom keeps comparing mine's hair to corn silk or straw. Which worries me. We don't have any Downey in the house and the prospect of Downey dunking a doll scares the ever-loving shit out of me, one because my bathroom is tiny, and two because we don't have any counter space. We have maybe a three-inch wide ledge that serves as a counter. There's no way to balance a dunking doll on it. So, we filled her hair full of braid spray after we got it brushed out and the knots taken care of.

And it's setting... I think it's gonna take more than one coat. For one, my Addy is, I've found from looking at the wiki and letting Mom read her neck stamp, a PC Addy. And she has epically thick hair that is right now all spread out around her head. But I think... I hope her hair'll wind up being okay. It seems it will if I just keep working with it.


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