Jan. 27th, 2014

As you well know, I'm terrible at taking pictures. But I want to. With every fiber of my being. So, when I do, I use a free program called TapTapSee....

Or I think it USED to be free. But now that free program is requiring me to either buy a pack of twenty-five or fifty pictures for $3 or $5 I think. Or I could buy a month subscription for unlimited pics for $9 OR a three-month unlimited for $24. So, basically, I'm being sked to pay for picture identification.

I had an iTunes card from some friends, with which I was going to buy Kaya's first book to see how good it is and to maybe learn a bit about her. But no. In order to take the picture I wanted to take, I had to buy a pack. I mean, literally no warning. Just an alert telling me that if I wanted to continue to use taptapsee, I'd need to purchase a subscription.

I'd not mind if I'd have gotten a warning. But I didn't. I don't mind paying for things. I don't. I'm well aware of the fact that disabled people have to pay to use the things sighted people don't necessarily have to. For example, if you want to use a Windows-based PC, you have to (Or used to until there was an open-source option) pay $895 or $1200 over the actual price of your PC for a screen reading program. And even now a lot of tech support and etc assume by default you use the paid option and don't offer things like accessibility fixes for the perfectly good open-source option.

And I get that this program has got actual humans (Or I think so?) doing their identification of pictures and those people need to be paid. I get that. But could they not make the app paid from the start? I'd willingly pay $9.99 for the app.

But I guess what pisses me off is that a sighted person does NOT have to pay to use the camera functionality of their mobile device. And they don't have to pay to use foursquare. I guess what I'm asking is, if you're blind (and I'm assuming this is the same for other disabilities too) why is it you have to pay so much money to do what a signted or nondisabled person can do for free?


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