Apr. 2nd, 2014

The way this works is this. I answer these eleven questions, and then tag a few people to answer eleven that I come up with. I got these from Neth whose blog I definitely recommend. She's opinionated but damn they're good opinions and this world needs more people to speak up! Also, her reviews are amazing and detailed and awesome and she does descriptions which earns her double bonus points.

Neth got the award from A Peek Into the Pantry which I also adore because face it. FOOD and DOLLS? Great combination!

1: What bugs you/pisses you off about the majority of toy collecting communities?
A lot of them seem to be really elitist. I mean, like preferring one generation of something and pissing on the rest of the generations before or after. If I hear another FIM collector saying that G1 ponies look like hippopotami, I will scream!

2: What's your favorite collection thing you've gotten in the last six months to a year?
Well, it's only been about that long since I got into AG, so I'll have to say my girls.
3: You've got unlimited funds to launch your own toy or doll company. Design your signature character and their back story.
Ohhh. This is an excellent question. I think my signature character would be a heroin of color who fights just as well as the boys and kicks just as much ass, while still modeling confidence for young girls of all ethnicities. She started out just an ordinary girl, but one day while she was studying in the park, she saw a bunch of bullies picking on someone else, and decided to do something about it. Now she and her friends help other people with problems they come up with.

4: You now have a flamethrower and the ability to wipe any doll line out--past or present--just because you don't want it around. Which one do you torch?
*Giggling gleefully* Oooh pretty flames. Well, bye-bye cheap Dollar Store barbie knockoffs that break in two minutes. I almost said Bratzillas because I think they're weird, but I've not owned one and that's not fair. Runner-up would be those generic baby dolls that come with the arse-load of frilly pink accessories.

5: What's a topic you could totally geek out about for hours?

6: What's the last book you just couldn't finish, and why?
I usually try to finish every book I read. But I couldn't finish Ender's Game. Holy crap, so much cruelty now. Says the girl who read the last two thirds of the Hunger Games series in like... two days. :O

7: What's the last movie you watched that felt like a waste of film?
I don't watch too many movies. But some of the ones I've had to watch for school this year sure did feel like wastes of film, only in the sense that they could've been presented better. Like the documentary on heart disease.

8: You have become a super hero, faster than that thing, stronger than that other thing, able to do that thing in a single thing! Alas, we all have a weakness. What's your kryptonite?
I have two weaknesses. I must be blessed with suck! Chocolate and really good mystery novels.

9: What's your least favorite fandom, and why?
Pretty much any reality show you can think of. And One Direction. I just don't get it.

10: You've got a time machine. It only goes backwards and to right now, and you can bring one thing to the present with you and take one thing back. What do you take back with you and what do you bring forward?
Hmmm. I go back to the eighties. I bring forward one of those amazing plastic charm necklaces with the removable charms that you can trade with your friends and such. You know the ones. And I take back the Internets. Everybody needs cat macros.

11: Everyone knows favorite colors, that's easy. What's your least favorite color and/or color combination?

Extra Credit: Do you want me to answer my own questions?
Yes. I do! Most definitely. Especially the flame thrower question.

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I tag [personal profile] fonetiks, [personal profile] huddleofpenguins, [personal profile] fascination and a tagback to Neth I tagged friends because I don't know that many doll bloggers, which is sad.


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