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So, what's gone on since I last posted? Well, I can show you. IN pictures!

Well, technically halfway through, because I failed to get Mom to take a before photo for me. But turns out Kaya's hair was not only knotted it was matted down into little dredlocks, and I think she might have lost half of it in this process. But onward to the picture before.

Kaya, in blue jeans and a red hoodie, hair down, bushing out everywhere

Her hair was so matted that I couldn't just brush it. So, I started trying to untangle it hair by hair. This went on all Friday and all yesterday, with Mom helping me through part of it. But as you can perfectly see, it was still a steaming hot mess.

So, this afternoon, Mom washed her hair, since we had enough of the knots out for it to work decently well to do so, so we could get shampoo and the like into it. We used baby shampoo, because like braid shampoo wig shampoo can't be found in the middle of nowhere. After that we used Herbal Essences conditioner on it. And since I've not had long hair in fifteen million years... okay, that's a total exaggeration, Mom started brushing it, while I went off to do my homework for school... She wound up brushing and watching the first half of the Super Bowl, and god only knows what before that. She was always better at brushing long hair than me.

But then, three hours and a lot of braid spray later, this resulted.
Kaya, in only her underwear, hair up in two unbraided pigtails

Then Mom braided it back. The braids in this case have not one single thing to do with Kaya's ethnicity. It just seemed to fit. Kaya seems to be the type of person to not want to fuss with her hair more than necessary, so braids it is.

Kaya, back in her hoodie, jeans and ballet flats, with her hair up in two braids

Phew. May I never see hair that messed up again.

Thank you so much to my mom for all her help on this and for [personal profile] nethilia for introducing Braid Spray to the AG community and also for being one of the people who reminded me that just because an era is set for all historicals that they don't have to be confined to that era.

Date: 2014-02-03 03:59 am (UTC)
fascination: A white woman with brown hair looking thoughtful, holding a drink (je pense donc je suis)
From: [personal profile] fascination
She looks so much better now. :)

Date: 2014-02-03 04:48 am (UTC)
nethilia: (Default)
From: [personal profile] nethilia
Aw, too bad I wasn't here to help earlier--I was watching the sports.

She's looking good! If someone there knows how to do French Braids I do that with Kaya here all the time. You may be able to detangle the ends while it's still braided. She's looking great!

Date: 2014-02-04 12:39 am (UTC)
nethilia: (Default)
From: [personal profile] nethilia
You can get more results as well with a low-setting flat iron used very sparingly if your mom doesn't mind working one on a very low setting. You have to be careful not to burn the hair. Also, continue conditioning it. The more in there the better it gets. I've used a whole bottle sometimes of the really cheap stuff on a doll.

The outfit Kaya has on is actually the Ready for Fun Outfit--at least the jacket and the jeans from what I can see. The shoes and socks don't match, but eh. (Otters came in the outfit, it's one of my faves. I plan to review it on her once I get to it. So far I have every moddie Meet Outfit.)

Oh, and if you ever need advice, shoot me an e-mail or message! I try my best to get back to replies as soon as possible, but if I don't reply fast I probably have to dig the note back up again.

P.S. Thanks for the credit re: braid spray!

Date: 2014-02-04 11:10 am (UTC)
nethilia: (Default)
From: [personal profile] nethilia
Long story short: A person in the AG Fandom became my friend sent me Otters and Marisol as gifts as well as Beth Cady. She later stabbed me in the back, and I semi-don't talk about it. A PM should explain.


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