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Honilee over on the AGcollectors board asked me for a comparison of these two. I'll edit in stock photos etc as I go, and as I can find friends to link me. But first, a little explanation about the line.

Positively Perfect is a doll line started by Dr. Lisa Williams, her goal being to both empower girls and to celebrate the diversity inherent in all of us. So, with that vision in mind, she created EPI LLC, and started the line. The purchase of each doll donates a certain portion of the proceeds to charities which will uplift children.

I have two of these dolls, one of the eighteen-inch Divahs,(Taylor) and a smaller fourteen-inch doll, (Beautiful Brianna). These dolls are floppy and cuddly, but not at all posable. If you like posability in your dolls, these would not be for you, unless you'd like to swap bodies somehow. I'm sure there are people out there who can do this.

Now, on to the review. My apologies to Honilee! I thought I had Zair. But I in fact have Taylor.

Let's start with the hair.
Brianna has straight, dark hair in two pigtails, one to either side of her head. They're held up with rose pink ribbons. Taylor, on the other hand has extremely curly dark-brown hair, and two teeny braids in front of her ears. The two dolls have completely different hair textures. Taylor's, while not coarse exactly, and definitely not textured, isn't nearly as soft or silky as Brianna's, though it's still quite lovely. However, since there are no doll shelves in my house, my dolls have a chunk of my bed. So, I'm imagining that Taylor's hair will eventually get weird and tangled just by how curly it is, and I'm not sure how these curls would hold up to heavy play, for those of you thinking of getting one of these for a child.

Let's Face It...
Brianna and Taylor have different face molds. As a blind person, I really really appreciate these differences. So many dolls of certain lines don't have enough diversity in their face molding. For example, I have two My Life As dolls, and though I know they're two different dolls, of two different ethnicities even, I can't tell any differences in their faces by feeling. With Brianna and Taylor, I can. I usually don't touch people's faces these days, but when I was very little, I did. (Kind of ashamed of that fact now, but onward) I learned that no two people are ever exactly alike, and these dolls do a very good job at conveying this. Taylor has a different nose than Brianna, and a different mouth shape, possibly even a different expression. It's very clear these are two completely different dolls, not just two dolls from very similar molds but with different skin tones. The difference in face molds is actually one of the reasons I like A*G, so seeing that difference in these dolls actually made me really happy.

The Clothes Make the Girl...Or Do they?
Brianna's outfit is nonremovable with the exception of the shoes, and consists of a white top under a bright pink, high collared three-fourth-length sleeve sweater with a pink rosette on the left side. Under that, she wears a white skirt with a busy pink floral pattern. Her cloth boots match her hair ribbons.

In contrast, Taylor's outfit is removable. She has on a white cap with the Positively Perfect butterfly logo on it. The logo is actually raised enough that I can feel it, which for me is a bonus. Her blouse is white with lettering on the front spelling love with the o being replaced by the same butterfly logo as her hat. Under that she is wearing a denim-look skirt, a pair of shorts and white boots.

There's something I dislike about this outfit. It's mainly all one texture, and I hate that in clothes. If something is denim, I want it to be made out of denim, not this... whatever it is that feels like rayon or something. And again, her boots are completely cloth. They feel like house slippers to me. At least you can change her outfit, but Brianna had more texture in hers. At least her sweater, while not removable FEELS like a sweater. I don't think these dolls can wear A*G/My Life As/etc clothing though, which is extremely sad.

Bottom Line: If you don't mind a lack of posability in your dolls or can swap bodies but want dolls with well-designed faces and great hair, these would be a good candidate. At $26 (in my local Walmart) for the Divahs and $12.97 for the smaller dolls, they're a good deal. They'd be especially good for children who would really like a friendly, positive play companion, which is who they were designed for. So, in that aspect, they're perfect. The only con I can find is that there aren't enough texture in the Divahs' outfits (at least Taylor's), and that their eyes don't open and close. Beyond that, though, they're a good deal for anyone who'd want an eighteen-inch play doll and doesn't mind lack of posability or can find a creative way around it.

Positively Perfect Dolls Comparison

Date: 2014-02-20 05:27 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] honilee
Thanks for the review, Rhymer!

I'm pretty sure that Zair and Taylor share a facemold and only differ in their clothes, coloring, and maybe in their hair type--I am basing this opinion entirely on photos I've seen online. So this review is really spot on either way!

I like that Brianna's clothes are nonremoveable--that's probably much easier for young children to manage and adults don't have to deal with naked dolls all over the place! :) I also like that her sweater feels like a real sweater--she sounds cuddly. She sounds really cute--I haven't been fortunate enough to find any of the smaller dolls in stores.

It's disappointing to hear that the larger dolls like Taylor can't share AG clothes--are the AG clothes too small on Taylor? Maybe the PC clothes would fit her better--do you have any of those to check?

If you don't mind my asking (please ignore this if it's too personal and I don't mean to be rude--just tell me if I'm making you uncomfortable), why are you ashamed of touching people's faces as a child? How else could you learn how different individuals' faces can be? Kids especially are experiential learners and very hands-on. Even little sighted (visual?) children stare and your actions sound equivalent--sounds like your behavior was completely average.

Back to dolls--have you heard of Ever After High's Cedar Wood doll that will be coming out this year? She's supposed to be the daughter of Pinocchio and I'm very excited about her--she seems like she'll have a body that's textured to feel like wood grain. I don't think her face will be textured, but I still think she's very interesting.

Re: Positively Perfect Dolls Comparison

Date: 2014-02-21 02:08 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] honilee
Sounds like your former babysitter bullied you and that other kid--not cool. I'm glad she's not in your life anymore.

On another note, feel free to add me! I'll add you back, but I seriously have nothing on this account--I made it a couple of years back just to access some locked fanfiction.

The fact that the Divahs can wear AG clothing has decided it for me--if I ever find either Taylor or Zair in stores she'll definitely be coming home with me! A cuddly cute doll that can share clothes with my other dolls? Yes, please! It's okay if the sleeves and pants are a little long--maybe Taylor just hasn't grown into them yet! :)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has issues with AG shoes. I bought Felicity's PC shoes for a Mattel doll, thinking they may be a little big, but actually they're still too tight! I've never been able to get them on since I don't want to bust them--it's really disappointing. I have no idea how they fit on their original doll to begin with.


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