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I'm going to do a personal survey... Sorry the review hasn't come up yet. But anxiety and depression ate me alive. Fuck anxiety and depression.

So, without further ado, have a survey. For those who wanted to get to know me a little better. Found this on LJ. Credit link is in the actual text.

the Belenen survey

01. what is the name you go by among friends? is it self-chosen or was it given by someone else? Rhymer. It's a self-chosen name.
02. what's the story behind your username? This is technically my doll/pony blog, so I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Ponies are My Little Pony of course. Patchies are Cabbage Patch Kids.
03. age and sign of the zodiac (sun, rising, and moon if you know them): 28. Sagittarius though not sure about rising or moon.
04. what are your self-labels? Hmm. This is a good question. I try never to label myself. I find labels to be restrictive.
05. around which core values do you structure your morality? The most important thing, as far as I'm concerned is to try never to harm anybody. I'm not a pacifist though and will defend myself if it becomes necessary to do so. I believe in second chances. I also believe in the nebulous concepts of honor and justice.

Family is important to me too, but I think that chosen family is just as important as blood relations, and in some cases moreso.

I'm also all for equality in all forms and I will accept anybody's mode of being. As long as you're not harming anybody by what you believe, I'm okay with you. End of story.
06. what makes you cry actual tears of joy? what makes you cry actual tears of sorrow? I... don't cry much. I kind of lost the ability to ages ago and the meds I'm on for depression and anxiety actually make crying really difficult, so I'll tell you what made me cry tears of joy and tears of sorrow the last times I did.

The last time I cried tears of joy it was because I had passed a math course. Math is very hard for me. I'm slightly dysgraphic, and also totally blind, and this was an algebra course with graphing and other visual elements thrown in. I'd been trying to pass this course for three semesters.

The last time I cried tears of sorrow was over Christmas break last semester when my last grandpa passed on.
07. what qualities are you currently working on developing in yourself? I'm working on trying to be a braver person, to accept and love myself as I am and to be more open about who I am. To that end, I'm taking this survey. That and I love any survey that makes me think.
08. do you consider yourself anti-prejudice and anti-oppression? if so, in what ways do you help to create equality in the world? I do. I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't. I try to show by example by accepting everybody no matter who they are, as they are, and also by calling out prejudices when I see them.

However, I'm not naive enough to think I have no prejudices. I just try to check them in myself when they crop up.
09. If you could have three wishes granted, what would they be? I'd be less shy. I'd never care what anybody thought of me, and I'd be a more self-sufficient person.
10. have you changed gender and/or sex? That is, did you once consider yourself a gender and/or sex that you no longer identify with? Hm. No. However, my gender tends toward the very fluid, so I actually prefer they/them as pronouns. However, through conditioning I'll also answer as female. Actually, I guess I did change gender identification, seeing as when I was a child I identified entirely as female but then when I was a teenager I realized that label didn't fit and went about finding out what did.
11. Describe your sexuality: whether or not you like sex, how you like to have sex, what your best sexual experiences have been like, the elements that need to be present for you to enjoy sex, etc. I'm asexual. Sex is just something that I'm not interested in at this time. I won't say this will always be the case, but it is for now. But if I were going to have sex, I'd want it to be with someone who loved me, accepted me, and wanted me for who I am. The rest is optional.
12. what's your preferred relationship structure: monogamous, polyamorous, polyfidelitous, other? Do you have/want (a) marriage-type life partner(s)? I've never actually been in a relationship seriously. It just hasn't ever happened. And I don't think I'm emotionally ready for that kind of commitment.
13. how do you feel about fat? that is, how do you feel about the fat of your body and the fat of others' bodies? I don't have any problemwith fat. As an overweight person, I think that society has an unhealthy obsession with thinness and people should be okay with their bodies. However, if people want to lose weight for health, I'm all for that too.
14. how do you feel about 'little white lies'? As long asthey don't harm people, it's okay. Sometimesthey're necessary. For example, if someone asks you how you are, and you say, "I'm having a shitty day." they're gonna look at you odd.
15. Who are the people you choose to spend the most time with/for, and why do they matter to you? My friends, because they accept me as I am. The people I don't have to hide parts of my life around. Living in the Bible belt sucks.
16. how do you feel about nudity (do you like being nude / being around others who are nude)? I don't mind nudity at all. I usually am not nude, but that's just me. I'm perfectly okay with depictions thereof.
17. how often do you push yourself to share thoughts and feelings that make you vulnerable to others? I am right now, to a degree.
18. do you often cuddle with friends (not just lovers) or would you if you had cuddly friends? I would. Sadly, most of my friends live at least two hours away.
19. are you concerned with how humans treat the earth (and its creatures)? if so, what do you do to protect/restore it? I try my best to recycle, to plant trees when I can.
20. do you have a strong affinity with any particular part of the earth (a certain type of animal, plant, water body, landscape, and/or a particular place)? I love lakes and rivers. I've never been to an ocean, but I bet I'd like that too.
21. do you consider yourself a spiritual person? if so, in what ways do you express this? do you worship, pray, do ritual, meditate, other? do you have a deity(-ies)? do you identify with a particular religion? I'm spiritual but I'm not generally a fan of organized religion, and don't have a deity specifically. I usually find a quiet spot (living in the country is really good for this.) and quietly reflect and meditate. I need to do that more often, actually.
22. what do you believe about the parts of a person? are we just mind and body or is there more? if you believe in more, what do you call it? I believe in spirits. I've been in the presence of too many ghosts to not believe there's something more. I'm not sure exactly what to call it though.
23. where do you plan to spend most of your life? do you like to travel? I love to travel. I just don't get much of a chance to do it.
24. what sort of creative things do you like to do? I roleplay. I'm very slightly fannish. I love writing poetry and prose, as long as it isn't research papers for class. :P
25. if someone made a deluxe action figure based on you, what 3 props and 3 outfits would they have? also, what would the deluxe playset look like? Oh my gosh. This is a great question. It'd only have one outfit though. I wear shorts and t-shirts even in January. So, three differently colored sets of short and t-shirt. No shoes because I go barefoot. Props. Lessee. A candy-apple red laptop with asticker of a skull and crossbones, a sticker that says "Louisville Slugger" and a sticker of a furby on the lid, a stack of books and an iPod. Gotta have my music. And the deluxe playset would be a bedroom, with a bed with stuffed animals and dolls, a computer desk with trinkets all over it and an iMac, and a pile of written pages. Oh yeah, and there'd be posters on the wall. There's what's obviously a picture printed off the Internet of Chell from the Portal video game series Portal. There's the CD liner notes/cover from the soundtrack to Pump up the Volume and next to it an obvious Internet printout of a picture of Samantha Mathis playing Nora Diniro. You can't have Mark without Nora. As for actual posters, there's the Hunger Games movie poster, a poster of Anna and Elsa from Frozen and a poster of various Happy Bunnies. Oh, and a couple giant tubs of eighties My Little Ponies in a corner.
26. if you could know everything about one subject, what would it be? I'd learn as many languages as I possibly could. But I wouldn't want to know everything. Then there'd be nothing left to learn on that subject.
27. if you didn't need to earn money, what would you want to do with your life? I'd be an author.
28. do you read for fun? if so, what're your favorite genre(s), favorite author(s) and favorite book(s)? I do read for fun. I love sci-fi, fantasy and poetry. My favorite authors are Ray Bradbury, Kat Zhang, Edgar Allan Poe and Sylvia Plath. My favorite books are the Hybrid Chronicles trilogy (the last one isn't out yet), This Alien Shore, Poe's collected stories, and the Hunger Games trilogy.
29. favorite color (be specific -- not just green, mint or lime or emerald): Grape purple and spring green.
30. favorite musical genre(s) / artists: Ohgod. I can't pick. Things on my iPod range from old sixties rock to outsider music to indie to a bit of rap. Almost anything but contemporary Christian music and gospel, and hey, even a little bit of that. Pretty much, anything that isn't hate music, I'm all for.
31. favorite movie(s) / show(s)? I don't watch much TV. But my favorite movies are Saved, Pump up the Volume, Girl Interrupted and the Breakfast Club. Lately I've gotten into Psych and Supernatural, and MST3K and Quantum Leap are old old favorites.
32. what activities make it easiest for you to connect with other people in a deep and intimate way? I connect pretty well with author types, and people who are outside the mainstream. But writer's groups and the like work well. Sadly there're none of those in my area. Also, I love new-age/pagan stores because the people who work in them tend to be incredibly friendly and helpful and nice, and I could stay in one of those stores all week.
33. Sum up your life philosophy in 8 words or less! And it harm none do as you will.
bonus: why do you read my journal (or, if you're new, what drew you to my journal)? I came for the survey. :D
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