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So, till a couple of weeks ago, I didn't know anything about My Twin, beyond that Emily over at the Toybox Philosopher did a review at one point. I'd read the review, but that was waay back when I first found Miss Emily's blog, back before I even had an A*G of my own. So, I didn't know much.

And then, a friend popped up on IM one night and said, "I found a doll today at a thrift store. I don't think it's one of the kind you collect. But I loved her and thought of you. There's a big half-off sale tomorrow."

So, knowing my friend has superb tastes in most things, and knows me well enough to know what sorts of things I like, I inquired further and discovered she'd found one of the classic posable twenty-three My Twin dolls. A bit more digging on the part of both my friend and I discovered that this was a very early doll, one of the 1997 ones.

Friend in question had not bought the doll, not knowing if she'd be the kind of thing I'd be up for, but the next day she went back, the doll was still there, and she snapped her up.

The doll I'm going to offer my thoughts on today is not, in fact, that doll, as my friend lives all the way across the country, and shipping something that big costs some cash, so there will eventually be two My Twin doll reviews on this blog.

The story of the particular doll I'm going to talk about today starts, as most things do around here, on the eBay orphanariu and marketplace. I was, as a matter of fact, looking for something entirely different when I went on eBay. I was looking for a pair of tights for the A*G, Bethany, whose leg still needs tightening and who I am loathe to send to the A*G hospital because I'm afraid they'll replace limbs. I think Bethany's melted fingers give her character and aren't something that needs replacing, and I'm not sure if they can do limb tightening on just legs without replacing limbs and without also needing to do a whole set of replacements. So Miss Bethany is chilling out in the big ecliner in the living room with Marie-Grace keeping her company. (My god, I need to update more, don't I? Pretend there are entries here about Bethany and Marie-Grace, if you will ha.)

So, I had found some tights. Adorable neon pink and black striped tights that were a perfect match for Bethany's outfit. And I was procrastinating homework, as you do. So, for fun, I decided to go digging for My Twin clothes, for the doll my friend is going to send me.

And sitting there, as a buy it now, in among the clothes, some cute and some frankly hideous, was a My Twin doll. (For some reason, they're pretty scarce on eBay. I have no clue why) But anyhow, right there in the middle of the clothes was another twenty-three doll. The seller's description simply said, "In good condition."

"Well, shit. This doesn't bode well." thought I, "And I can't see the pictures."

All I knew at that point was the doll had brown hair and brown eyes. Looking like my mom when she was a kid is always a point in any doll's favor so I summoned up my mom and wen, "Hey. Can you describe this doll?"

"Awww she's cute!" my mom replied, "Shoulder-length brown hair, maybe a little longer, brown eyes, and she's wearing a t-shirt and jeans."

"Mmmm. T-shirt and jeans? There's another point in your favor, Miss Doll." I thought, as I penned out a quick question to the seller to ask if she was, in fact, posable. The price was so low I thought there had to be a catch, considering the prices I'd seen on the five or so other dolls of this type in the listings.

Within about thirty minutes, the seller had gotten back to me, saying she wasn't sure but that the doll had a wire inside that would help her stand and sit and was that what I meant? I snapped up the doll, and left the seller a very nice letter thanking her both for her prompt reply and for being so kind and helpful.

Well, this morning, the doll in question arrived via our neighborhood postman, Joseph, one of the nicest fellows you will ever meet, who knows I'm not sighted, and brings my packages up to the door by hand and talks to me for a moment if he can't get them into the mailbox.

I opened the box, and was immediately struck by the weight. A My Twin weighs more than an A*G, or so it feels. Both brands of doll are substantial and cuddly, but My Twins are bigger so weigh more. My particular doll has shoulderlenght straight brown hair, desperately in need of a condition and braid spray, and brown eyes. She was wearing a t-shirt with some sort of screen-print graphic on the front, long jeans with a drawstring closure and a pair of very nice Mary Jane shoes. She also had a watch. I'm not sure if it's a working timepiece, but it feels real enough it could be.

The only problem I can see is she smells like attic, but that's way better and more fixable than smelling like smoe. But the thing that fascinates me seriously, more than anything I can tell you about the way My Twins pose, which is different than the way an A*G does because of that wire armature, and how mine came with an extra sweater, which she was holding that wasn't in the picturess, is that My Twins have both applied top and bottom eyelashes. It may not seem like much to most people, but I can't see the painted bottom lashes most dolls have. When I was little, I remember asking mymom why it was that dolls only had one set of eyelashes instead of two like people.

Actually, the only thing I think I dislike about My Twins, so far, is their body texture. The cloth feels a little like panty hose to me. It's not bad, but any more like pantyhose feeling than it is now, and it'd give me the heebies. Maybe I'm weird, but pantyhose are one of those texture things that I really just can't go with in most circumstances. I don't wear them. If I'm going to wear any socks at all and particularly higher than ankle socks, I wer tights, as opposed to hose. But that's a minor annoyance for an overall good doll.

Also, piictures and such are forthcoming. Her name is Meredith, because that's what my mom named her, and looking at her, it seems to fit really well. So, there yu go.

ETA: Had I not spelled the name of the brand wrong, I would've had many more results! Teh fail!
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