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So, under this cut is a list of all the patchies I can currently get to. There will be surveys linked at a later date. BUT for now. Just the list. It's a work in progress.
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And that's the list.

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Posting this for reference and to print out for family and suchlike.
Looking through the box in order of which I pull out first.
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And my mom has as follows.
Ghouls Rule Draculaura
For Halloween, Draculaura wears a pink spider-webbed collared dress with black corset styled ties across the dip of the collar. The blouse is white and ribbed, with black fishnet sleeves that go to her elbows and trail down. Her skirt is made into 3 layers, one translucent and black with fuzzy black heart-bats, the second a sparkly pink, and the third a pale pink. She also wears pink tights that fade to black at her ankles, gray translucent shoes with curved black heels and a black spiderweb design that have pink on the sides with a heart above it accented with a black corsette design, a translucent cape from her skirt that is black on the back but decorated with pink heart-bats on the inside, and large, intricate spiderweb-like wings that fade from black to pink making a black corset on her back that meets on a pink bow. Her hair is permed and large, mostly black and filled with black tinsel with a only a separated portion containing her signature pink highlights, and her eye makeup is pink covered with a black spiderweb design and her lips are a bright pink. She also wears thick pink earrings that look like dripping hearts.
Her accessories include a swirly pink mask in a bat shape with black batwings on the top, a pink trick-or-treat bucket with her vampire skullette symbol on the front, a small skeleton with two detachable pink bows, a card with her CGI artwork, and a black brush and stand.

Dance Class Howleen
And someone from the Roller Maze set, but I can't remember who.


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