Aug. 4th, 2015 08:42 pm
I just got back from California where I was visiting friends on a much-needed vacation. While I was there, my friend and I went to the A*G store in Hollywood/Beverly Hills, not sure which it bills itself as. The store was amazing... And I did come back with a new gang member. But she didn't come from that store. Mainly because I'd forgotten that I had an extra hundred in my wallet. But I digress.

A few days before the store trip, I was in an antique store with my friend, and there, hiding in the back of a case, my friend saw a pair of brown eyes peering out at her. The eyes were attached to a light-skinned, Classic-mold face...which was attached to a PC Samantha with decent, though slightly frizzy hair.

I'm ... not normally the biggest Samantha fan. I was going to pass her by, pretty dress and bloomers and petticoat that isn't actually A*G aside... But my friend talked me into letting the people get her out of the case so I could at least touch her... And really that's all it took.

So, my gang now includes a Samantha. Her hair actually was fixable with conditioner and braid spray. The dress was really really fancy, but needs some elastic work. So, inthe meantime, Samantha is in the Earth Day outfit, and you know what? I actually like her that way. More reminders that historical girls don't always have to be the way their canon says they should be, and that A*G is over all a thing of imagination.

And on an added note, on a similar thrift shopping trip, my friend actually scored her first A*G doll, a Ruthie, and has sense gotten a Julie and an Ivy. Congratulations on getting bitten by the bug, Cat!

OH, also. Cat, when she got her Julie and Ivy snagged another gang member for me. Maybe a My A*G #40. BUT she looks so punk. I am so excited!


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