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So, under this cut is a list of all the patchies I can currently get to. There will be surveys linked at a later date. BUT for now. Just the list. It's a work in progress.
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And that's the list.

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Ok. Let me begin by saying I dislike perfection in dolls and in most other things... I like quality, yes. I don't like cheap Barbies (and usually don't like Barbies at all as a matter of fact), but perfection tends to turn me off faster than anything. I like wonk eye. I like dolls who have been attacked by dogs. I like frizzy hair and mats. I like to fix things, or at least give a doll a good home if I can't fix the issue on my own.

I also generally like a certain type of doll. I like some types of baby dolls, as my bunch of CPK will gladly tell you if you happened to ask them. But as for generic baby dolls, I'm not as fond. It has to be a special doll, with a lot of character before I'd think of adopting. And from what I'd read, Bitty Babies and Twins weren't a type of doll I'd normally adopt...

But the other day, I was perusing eBay, and I found a dark-haired, dark-eyed Bitty Twin. Or at least I thiiink her eyes are dark. The seller's description was absolutely hideous as far as descriptions go. The only descriptions that I find more hideous than this one are the "Please look at all photos. They give a better description than I could." ones, because frankly, looking at photos is NOT an option I have.

The seller's description said, paraphrased, "This is a collectible American Girl Bitty Twin doll. She is fully dressed, in used TLC condition." That was all right. But the next sentence made me absolutely livid. This is a direct quote. And oh look. I'll even rewrite it without the allcaps the seller used. I hate allcaps in eBay listings. "She is used and does need some TLC cause she was playing with the puppy and got her little fingers hurt(Ha,Ha)"

Now maybe I anthropomorphize my dolls too much. There're plenty of reasons for it, not the least of which is growing up on movies like The Brave Little Toaster and The Mouse and His Child.

But even without that, a nearly $100 doll getting her hand mauled by a dog is NOT a laughing matter. So, I vowed that if nobody bid, then I was going to. After all, even though I wasn't sure of my thoughts on Bitty Twins, I like brunette dolls, and other than CPK, I don't have too many. Most dolls when I was a little girl were blonde, or so it seems. And though my hair is auburn, it's darkened considerably over the years so that if you look at it in certain light, it looks brown.

The days till the end of the listing rolled by and on Wednesday, I was waiting in front of my computer as the minutes rolled down. The minutes rolled by with not a single bid. I plunked in a price one penny above starting price because $34.99 is an ugly number, and waited for someone to bid over me. Nobody did. The minutes, and then the seconds ticked down, and I had won.

Well, fast forward to this morning. My Bitty Twin came in the mail today. I accidentally slashed my finger trying to open the box with a pair of scissors (geez, Rhymer. Be more careful!), and pulled her out.

This ) was what greeted me when I unwrapped the bubble wrap burrito. The dress is soft cotton, apparently pink, with a soft lace collar and trim around the hem (though not eyelet lace), and three hearts appliqued across the front. Under this she was wearing a pair of velvet pants I can't remember the color of, though I know a friend told me at one point from the eBay listing photo. I have strong suspicions that these two pieces don't go together, but OMG velvet pants. I love them. They have a stripe of some slicker material, a little like... hm. a little like satin though not satin down the sides of the legs of the pants. I think the stripe may be blue if I remember right.

Her hair needs a good brushing, which I haven't given it yet, and maybe a braid spraying. It's fine and silky, but it feels a bit grungy. I read my wiki, so I know she's a post-2006 Twin, which I'm happy about. I like the girls with longer hair more than the ones with the top knot. I think there's more styling options with this kind of hair.

And her right hand is pretty deeply mauled. The right pinky is bitten almost completely through, but it's still on tight enough. It won't go anywhere, but there's a physical gap between finger and hand. The next two fingers, though not as bad are heavily chewed. And there are various tooth marks all over her hand and wrist. Who, I ask you, leaves their doll down where a dog can get to her? I mean, I may have done it only once, but then it was more a case of my accidentally dropping my doll in the yard and not being able to find her, because we had a big yard back then, the dog was a puppy and I can't look around for things as you well know, and one case where I had an armload of holiday presents and dropped a doll. The first one was just a little rubber roughing (because it was a Maxi doll. Anyone remember those? Hasbro's answer to Barbie!), and the second I didn't even realize I'd dropped till halfway through the schoolday, and I'd also lost one of the presents in the yard too.) But just leaving a doll as expensive and pretty as a Bitty Twin lying around is just absolutely ridiculous. And this poor doll's been subjected to that. Ugh.

But I don't mind her hand being the way it is. It's just a scar of where she came from, not a defect. It's just something that makes her different from most Bitty Twins out there, just like my lack of eyesight makes me different. I'm just making a note of it as part of the description.

So, this weekend, while we were at Walfart, AKA the People Zoo, this weekend searching for some Giftmas gifts last minute, I discovered they had sleepers for preemies. I have a soft spot for actual infant clothing, so I bought a sleeper for my Bitty Twin. And here is a picture of her in them.
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I apologize for my picture-taking, by the way. I have an app that allows me to know through verbal feedback what I'm taking a picture of, but it has to use a digital image-finder service. This service sometimes makes guesses about what's in the picture based on obvious bits of what it "sees." So, I'm not sure if I got all of her in these pictures at all. AG are easier to take accurate pics of because they're bigger. I have a lot of trouble with taking pictures of MH dolls. I think I need to practice.

But anyhow, TL;DR, I got her. She's cute, soft, cuddly and I love her hairstyle, or will with a little brushing. Bitty Babies are still weird and their hair looks like a bad toupee according to a friend of mine, because of the way it's painted. XD. But this Twin is really freaking cute. And if anybody knows what outfits the clothes she's wearing in that first pic are from, please enlighten me. It's much appreciated.

Also, I'm thinking of calling her Milagro or Milagra. I need to find out if Milagro changes gender based upon the noun it refers to. But for those who don't know, Milagro is Spanish for miracle. And if anybody calls her Mill Agro, I will slap you silly. It's Meel-ah-gro.

Also, there will be a MH post with the paydirt I found, as soon as my mom can help me with the better pics. Ha.


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