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Name: Ava Marie
Picture: Forthcoming
Birthday: Probably sometime in February. She strikes me as a Pisces.
Type of Kid: Cornsilk
Year: Unknown but very likely eighties.
State from whence Kid was adopted: Oregon
Arrival Date: Unknown
Adopted from: eBay seller crystalullaby
Height: 16-17 in.
Hair: Seller desc said auburn, but it's brown.
Eyes: brown?
Teeth?: Nope. Just a tongue sticking out the side of her mouth.
Likes: Snuggling, being held, cuddling, playing, her new overalls, elephants.
Dislikes: Having things in her hair, people accidentally pulling her hair, new people (Sometimes, she's a little shy.)
Favorite color: Green.
Favorite food: Cupcakes and lollipops.
Favorite toy: She likes cuddling up in a blanket with a picture book and having someone read for her.
Favorite outfit: Short corduroy overalls with an elephant applique on the front and a shirt with pink hearts.
Best Friend: Shorona.
Name: Catherine Cora
Picture: Forthcoming
Birthday: Unknown
Type of kid: Transitional Coleco/Hasbro Sippin' Burp baby
Year: 88
State from whence Kid was adopted: New York
Arrival Date: Unknown
Adopted from: eBay seller catladymaria
Height: 14 inches.
Hair: Auburn/brown
Eyes: Light violet.
Teeth? No.
Likes: Her woolly pastel crocheted blanket, naps, cuddling, teasing her sisters.
Dislikes: Losing her booties, cold toes, mashed peas, storms, dirty diapers.
Favorite color: Purple.
Favorite food: Fried apples.
Favorite toy: Her plush puppy
Favorite outfit: Pictured.
Best Friend: Vallie Ann.
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Name: Vallie Ann
Picture: Read more... )
Birthday: Unknown but I say 09/23
Type of kid: Cornsilk
Year: Unknown somewhere in the eighties.
State from whence Kid was adopted: Texas
Arrival Date: 09/13/13
Adopted from: eBay seller Tinkergirls
Height: 16 inches
Hair: Red
Eyes: Brown
Teeth? Yes. First tooth.
Likes: Going to the park, swinging, jumping in piles of autumn leaves, wearing bows in her hair as long as they're not frilly bows, cuddles, meeting new people.
Dislikes: Lots of lace, lipstick kisses, having to sit still for long periods of time.
Favorite color: Yellow.
Favorite food: Oatmeal.
Favorite toy: Doesn't have one.
Favorite outfit: Cream shirt with tan, orange, peach and yellow stripes and brown velour pants.
Best Friend: everybody, but especially Cora.


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