Aug. 4th, 2015 08:42 pm
I just got back from California where I was visiting friends on a much-needed vacation. While I was there, my friend and I went to the A*G store in Hollywood/Beverly Hills, not sure which it bills itself as. The store was amazing... And I did come back with a new gang member. But she didn't come from that store. Mainly because I'd forgotten that I had an extra hundred in my wallet. But I digress.

A few days before the store trip, I was in an antique store with my friend, and there, hiding in the back of a case, my friend saw a pair of brown eyes peering out at her. The eyes were attached to a light-skinned, Classic-mold face...which was attached to a PC Samantha with decent, though slightly frizzy hair.

I'm ... not normally the biggest Samantha fan. I was going to pass her by, pretty dress and bloomers and petticoat that isn't actually A*G aside... But my friend talked me into letting the people get her out of the case so I could at least touch her... And really that's all it took.

So, my gang now includes a Samantha. Her hair actually was fixable with conditioner and braid spray. The dress was really really fancy, but needs some elastic work. So, inthe meantime, Samantha is in the Earth Day outfit, and you know what? I actually like her that way. More reminders that historical girls don't always have to be the way their canon says they should be, and that A*G is over all a thing of imagination.

And on an added note, on a similar thrift shopping trip, my friend actually scored her first A*G doll, a Ruthie, and has sense gotten a Julie and an Ivy. Congratulations on getting bitten by the bug, Cat!

OH, also. Cat, when she got her Julie and Ivy snagged another gang member for me. Maybe a My A*G #40. BUT she looks so punk. I am so excited!
Shit. I just realized. It's been over a year since I got Addy. It doesn't feel like it should be that long. God time flies.


Nov. 5th, 2014 12:03 am
So. I hit eBay again. And bought probably the saddest Julie I've ever seen. She seems to be in good condition. I'll know tomorrow. But someone has fingernail polished her fingers. And cut off her thumbs. I wish I was kidding but I'm entirely not. Someone CUT OFF her thumbs. Just who in the hell... Why. I just what the fuck?

Add this to the ranks of oh my god kids under eight don't need A*G.

I probably won't be able to fix the thumbs. But at least I can fix the nail polish I think. But I like my dolls less than perfect so there you go.

Pictures forthcoming when I can pay the $9.99 to get my visually impaired camera app access back for a month. Screw that. Think I'll just take the pictures and check them over later.

In other news, I also have a mountain of English homework to finish tomorrow. We've gotten into historical literature of the twenties and it's not too bad.

PS: Julie came with a full outfit, including shoes for what an unclothed A*G usually sells for.
My A*G Gang is up to four )

Ok. Everybody say hi to Bethany. She was on the eBay orphanarium for probably the cheapest I ever saw an A*G go. The seller said "In excellent used condition but needs TLC" And that's true. But I don't mind.

She's in overall good shape, true. But her limbs are loose. (Isn't there a wiki page on limb tightenings somewhere?) She has something sticky on her face. Makeup? Lotion? Something.

And like our Bitty Twin Rosalie, she has hand damage. It looked like someone melted her first two fingers. They're still finger-shaped but they're flat on top. More reasons little kids shouldn't have A*g dolls till they're eight.

I know this is disjointed, but I'm dashing off this entry between schoolwork. Yaaay schoolwork. Please do note the sarcasm.

Also, if anybody knows which JLY miss Bethany is, or how to tighten limbs, please let me know. It's much appreciated.

Also, I'm going to start dropping in a few personal entries here too from time to time.
Josefina would like to wish you all a very happy spring, and all the spring holidays

Also, users of Imgur, is there a way to add images to an album after they are uploaded? If someone knows, I would be grateful for the advice on how.
The other day, during all my eBaying, I bought two dresses for Addy, one outfit for Kaya, and another hunk of Josefina's meet outfit.

Kaya got a pink t-shirt and striped leggings. I think they're Springfield but I'm not sure. They're really nice, but that's a topic for another post.

Addy on the other hand got her Flower-picking outfit and a really nice handmade outfit that I am right now squeeing over...

I was a little concerned about the flower-picking dress, because most people on eBay will label crap PC that is actually Mattel and even though I wouldn't mind taking out a couple ounces of stuffing so Mattel clothes fit, I can't. My Addy's head is, as I found out a moment ago when I was changing her clothes, is held on by a zip tie, and I really am in no mood whatsoever to go snipping a zip tie, especially since I'm not even sure where to find replacement zip ties. I wish to goodness that whomever removed her neck strings had just left them alone unless they were falling apart. Ugh.

BUT the flower picking dress arrived in my mail today, in an A*G box even, with the hair ribbon still in plastic. And it fits. Not only does it fit but it fits well. So I'm thinking I actually got a PC dress after all and that someone had a clue what they were doing.

Now, on to the squee. The other outfit Addy got is a rust-colored cotton dress with pin tucks in the bodice and an embroidered skirt. This came with an apron, a pair of striped pantaloons (Hey, people familiar with historical undies, would Addy have actually worn pantaloons?), and a matching striped bonnet. And now. Here is what I squeed over. The pantaloons do not have elastic. They have draw strings. ACTUAL tie-able draw strings! :D SOMEONE knows their history!

Sadly, I don't have time at this moment to give a full 100% review, but I'll edit it in in a bit when back from tutoring. Blech tutoring.


Feb. 21st, 2014 01:43 pm
I think... I think I'm going to do something different this time around. As well as the usual documentation of the condition of my newest Gang member, I think I'll give you the impressions I have of her as well.

See, I never consciously create a doll personality. I'm a writer, but writing and that form of creating is an active creation. Where doll personalities are concerned, it's a very passive sort of creation for me. The stories just come to me. Sometimes a doll's physical appearance/smell/feel adds to it. But sometimes the process ignores any of those clues. And I can't describe it in any better terms than that. Most of you reading are either doll people yourselves, with your own processes of creation, or writers and other friendly, creative types, so I probably didn't need to explain this at all, but I did it anyhow. Ever doll I have feels different to me, and I don't just mean physically different. They all have a certain energy, I think. That's partly why I like secondary market dolls. They've been around enough to have an energy of their own though new dolls can too.

Anyhow, Josefina came to me naked, in a priority box, a bit smooshed, sitting in such a way inside the box that I kind of had to gently tug and pull a bit to get her out. Thankfully, I opened the box right end up this time, so it wasn't like poor Addy who came out on her face.

The first thing I realized when I reached into the box is that her hair is almost silky. Almost. It's obvious she's been loved, but it wasn't the rat's nest poor Kaya's was. That was a nice texture to greet my fingers.

I'd have taken a picture of her with her head peeping out of the box, but my grandma was here wanting to see what I got in the mail as she likes dolls too. I didn't want to keep her, because she is very elderly and prone to worrying that someone will break into her house if she's gone for more than five minutes even though you can clearly see her house from my front door... So, I'll be a writer and describe.

Josefina's head poked up out of the box, along with the tips of her braids. I had the uncanny but hilarious mental image of her braids like snail antennas, poking out to feel the world before more than the top of her head was visible.

But I pulled her out of the box and rummaged for clothes. I'm trying to buy her meet outfit in chunks. But she got here before her skirt, which is the only piece I have bought as yet, so we had to improvise, as I don't think Josefina would want to be naked dolly butt. She's not Kaya, after all. :P

All I had on hand was a white t-shirt from the My Life As schoolgirl outfit, and the denim skirt and starry mesh tights from the My Life As hairstylist outfit. So, that's what she's wearing.

Her braids were held in by rubber bands. They may have been the kind you're supposed to use on hair, but I doubt it. They felt like the kind you find in an office, so out they came, to be replaced by actual hair ties. No rubber band hair in this house if I can help it.

The seller says she has a lazy eye, but she actually doesn't seem to? They said sometimes it sticks, but that's not the same as a lazy eye to me. My Addy's eye sticks about half open all the time, and that'd be what I call a lazy eye. Her eyelashes are also interesting. Not as soft as Addy's or as hard as Kaya's, somewhere in the middle.

I like her face mold too, that straight nose is different than either Kaya or Addy's.

Now for my impressions. She smells like sunblock. The seller said she'd been exposed to the sun and sunblock. And me, being known for my weird flights of fancy like to imagine she went to the beach. Maybe it was the first time she ever saw the ocean, who knows. But she feels like summer. Maybe it's the fact she smells like sunblock, and therefore she smells like summer. But she reminds me of summer, which I like. The long days of summer are warm, happy, vivacious, and that's what I think her personality will end up being. She seems like she'd be fond of going barefoot, porch swings, going down to the river to let mud squish up between her toes, the kind of girl who lives for vacation.

And also, I think she would like music. I'm not sure if she'll stay in the past or become a part-time moddie, but either way, I think she's a good fit here.
Rough day emotionally. Amazing how comforting Addy is just to cling to when it's a rough day.
So, what's gone on since I last posted? Well, I can show you. IN pictures!
Before )

Then Mom braided it back. The braids in this case have not one single thing to do with Kaya's ethnicity. It just seemed to fit. Kaya seems to be the type of person to not want to fuss with her hair more than necessary, so braids it is.

After )

Phew. May I never see hair that messed up again.

Thank you so much to my mom for all her help on this and for [personal profile] nethilia for introducing Braid Spray to the AG community and also for being one of the people who reminded me that just because an era is set for all historicals that they don't have to be confined to that era.
My Kaya arrived today... With hair that is so dry and knotted up that it feels like sandpaper, and man, for about half a second I thought it was textured. And I KNOW it shouldn't be. Kaya =/= Addy.

So, now, wonderful readers, should I brush it first, wash it first or braid spray it first. I'd suppose washing it first. I don't know what sort of crud is actually in it. OH, but I got a backpack out of the bargain, too, a nice thin plastic one with those straps that are like ... thin ropes. I actually like those.

Also, seller forgot to mention that either she, or someone in her family, or someone at the post office smokes... So poor Kaya smells like a smoker. I don't mind smoke. My dad smokes. But I'd have liked a warning. But I guess that's where braid spray, shampoo etc comes in.

Even despite all that, and being naked, I still adore her. She's absolutely beautiful.

Hey [personal profile] nethilia you're the doll whisperer. How much Braid Spray should you use on a doll whose hair feels like straw? Help a girl out?
I was looking at eBay to distract myself... And found Addy's holiday dress... BUT the seller, though it was a good price, had freaking keyword jammed Isablah and Sage into the same title. Nonononononono.

Isablah has her own hideous collection. She doesn't need Addy's beautiful holiday dress.
My grandpa died last night. And so I'm probably going to be an ugly crying mess for the next bit. But I have to go to the funeral home and do that... And I'm taking Addy. I don't give a good god damn what anybody says about a twenty-something girl carrying a doll. I really don't.

The only problem is my Addy has only one outfit, and nothing black at all except her meet shoes. I could put a hair tie on her braid instead of the pink Build-a-Bear bow that's on it right now... But I don't think there're any black hair ties in this house. Maybe it's silly of me for wanting to give Addy something black so she can pay her respects too, as I'm the only person who'd notice it. But it means something to me.
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So, under this cut is a list of all the patchies I can currently get to. There will be surveys linked at a later date. BUT for now. Just the list. It's a work in progress.
Read more... )
And that's the list.

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Dec. 13th, 2013 08:14 pm
Just saw Addy's Meet Dress on a blonde. With a dorky butterfly headband. NOOOOOO! Not even sure what doll that was, but it was a blonde.

Also, speaking of Miss Addy, I bought her something for giftmas. It hasn't gotten here yet, and it's not exactly historical, but it just seemed right. It's a necklace and bracelet set, and the necklace has her name on it. And I know she wanted, in the first book, to learn to write the names of her family.

But I just had to share the little blonde wearing Addy's meet dress.
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Due to a suggestion from [personal profile] nethilia well... a suggestion on her blog, I went out and found myself some braid spray which arrived in the mail today. Woo.

Because I didn't want to tackle Addy's hair until mom, sighted person and experienced with dealing with thick hair due to mine, got home, I decided to test it out on an MLP. But who?

Well, I have a lot of what most people call "bait" ponies. I have a habit of rescuing them from eBay and keeping them, chewed horns, missing eye paint, frizzy matted hair and all because I love them, and I hate perfection.

My ponies live (due to a horrid lack of space in this house) in a couple of huge tupperwear tubs until I can get a curio cabinet of my own. So it's to these boxes I ran. And the first pony with frizzy hair I grabbed was Sky Flier.

I hauled her into my bathroom and sprayed her down. I wasn't anticipating how light the formula really is, and got a leetle too much. But in about five minutes hair that had been so frizzy and dry that it practically squeaked when you brushed it was soft and smooth and silky and even better, staying in the style I put it in. So I could FINALLY redo that little mane curl that most MLP of that time period had.

Now. Fast forward about three hours. Mom got home, and somewhere in there we started in on Addy's hair. There's a description of her hair in the last post I did about Miss Addy... Well, we started undoing all that and found the nasty sort of surprise you don't ever want to find. No, no don't worry. I'm not talking about massive hair cuts in weird places you can't see.

Some small child, probably the gifter of the ribbons and the pretty hair ties that are also bows, the pieces of pink and white ribbon we'd mentioned, had also sat and tied part of Addy's hair into little hard knots for no apparent reason. They weren't holding anything in. They were just there. So, with me holding and Mom working, we finally managed to get all that undone, only to find Addy's hair is way drier than I thought it was.

Now bear in mind that I've never, ever dealt with any doll with textured hair before. And this is the first and only Addy I've ever touched, so I'm not sure what a new Addy's is supposed to feel like. But mom keeps comparing mine's hair to corn silk or straw. Which worries me. We don't have any Downey in the house and the prospect of Downey dunking a doll scares the ever-loving shit out of me, one because my bathroom is tiny, and two because we don't have any counter space. We have maybe a three-inch wide ledge that serves as a counter. There's no way to balance a dunking doll on it. So, we filled her hair full of braid spray after we got it brushed out and the knots taken care of.

And it's setting... I think it's gonna take more than one coat. For one, my Addy is, I've found from looking at the wiki and letting Mom read her neck stamp, a PC Addy. And she has epically thick hair that is right now all spread out around her head. But I think... I hope her hair'll wind up being okay. It seems it will if I just keep working with it.

AG and MH

Dec. 3rd, 2013 08:43 pm
First, oh my gods why. WHY did I just type in American Girl: TLC into eBay. What I found made me want to cry. Someone was selling a doll that they had rescued, one of those My AG/ Girl of Today/ Just Like You/ what the hell ever. Someone give me the newest official names for those? Anyhow, that doll had matted, chopped, frizzy hair, her joints were loose but she could still stand etc. But just. Oh god who cuts doll hair? I know little kids do but...

What really pisses me off though is the fact people on eBay will sell a TLC doll at Mattel listprice. Fuck that. But I entirely had to stop when I saw a pair of Addy legs for sale. Nooo do not want. I'm currently hugging my Addy like there's no tomorrow and kinda wanting to smack some parents up-side their heads. And here is the doll who made me want to hit a parent. And the seller too, maybe. Idek. For not properly describing. I had to bum a friend for a description.

Now, on to the MH and much better news. I just found, and nabbed, a DT Robecca from the local Walgreens. Local is half an hour away, y'all. Tennessee is a wonderful state. :/

Anyhow, I nabbed a DT Robecca, and found, to my great delight that she seems to NOT have a headful of glue! Hallelujah! Review, thoughts and that shit will be forthcoming at a later date.

Ok. Gonna go look at bait ponies. At least I can save bait ponies. TLC AG probably won't ever be a thing for me unless I'm freaking lucky as heck and find one at a Goodwill. TN is one of the VERY few places apparently where thrift stores etc are still allowed to sell toys.
Dear Mattel,

I have a few things I want to say to you, and a few suggestions. Maybe even a few bones to pick. So, sice there's a well-loved and possibly glue-haired Frankie Stein beside me and I've got my Neil Diamond going on, let's get started.

First, let's start with AG. I know there's gonna be a new historical coming out. And I know what I'd love to see. I want to see a girl of color, during the sixties, who gets to learn about and gain civil rights firsthand. I mean, I don't mind white perspectives. Don't get me wrong. But you know what? I'm about ready for some perspectives from some people of color in the historicals, I mean main perspectives. As far as I know, and someone please correct me if I'm wrong, there's only three main historical girls of color, C├ęcile, Addy and Kaya. I think there needs to be more, thank you very much. But then, anybody who reads this blog knows this. I'd kind of like to see a Japanese-American girl during WWII too.

Now, on to the MH. WHY the hell does Catrine DeMew's tail keep falling off? I don't have this problem with any of my other werecats, but Catrine's falls off constantly. It's annoying. Mattel, you need to work on your quality control. God.

I wanted to write more on both these topics, but I have a paper to write. *Sigh*

More Addy

Nov. 4th, 2013 12:41 pm
Well, I got my Addy doll in the mail this morning. And since I can't get a good picture of her, because it's a little dark in here, you get a description instead, and my thoughts. No LJ cut though.

When I picked her up out of the box, they'd stuck her in there facedown. So, it was her hair I felt first, and the back of her dress. She has really nice hair, actually. It's textured, of course, as everyone knows, and she's the first doll I ever had with textured hair. With dolls of color, I'm used to either that hair that feels like it's been relaxed, or the foofy huge Afro, or at the least little kinky curls, and Addy's not got that, so it was an interesting experience for me, touching her hair. But it's not dry, thankfully. Some Braid Spray should be used on it, but right now, I have neither Braid Spray nor a suitable brush.

Stylewise, her hair is pulled back in a low ponytail, tied at the back of her head with a piece of pink ribbon. There's also a white piece tied down at the very end of her hair. Both pieces are tied in nice, neat bows. On the left side of her head, someone has actually beaded in a set of amber plastic beads, you know the kind that little kids make bead bracelets out of. What concerns me is that the twist of hair the beads are attached to is knotted at the end. I mean, granted, it doesn't look like a hard knot, but it still looks like it might not be good for the hair. Could anybody who knows anything about this kind of hair tell me if I'm wrong about that?

Down the middle of her head, right over the center part, there is a microbraid. I think that's what you call them? It's a tiny little braid maybe about a half inch wide, that goes straight down the center of her hair. It's an incredibly well-done braid, actually. I was impressed because dammit, I can braid, but I can't braid like THAT. The tails of both the microbraid and the beaded section are pulled back into the actual ponytail.

There's another place on the same side where the hair is tied into it seems like two little knots. I'm not sure what that's about, but there's a tail of hair sticking out from it. I thought it was on the other side, but looking again, I realized it's on the same side.

Also, her hair hasn't been cut or trimmed in any way, and it's not a slime ball or full of dirt. So, bonus points for the person who had her before me. It's obvious she was loved.

As for her eyes, she has all of her eyelashes. They're soft and tight and not falling off at all. Yay! Both eyes as far as I can tell, seem to close properly. I thought one or both were getting stuck half-open, but I'm really not sure. Addy's also the first doll I ever had whose eyelashes are in a kind of arch pattern, so I can't exactly tell what is closed for her, as I usually tell that by when the doll's eyelashes touch their cheeks. Ah sighted person assistance realizes that often her eyes get stuck half open when she's lying down, sort of the way my BBE ponies' eyes sometimes do, which leads me to wonder if there could be a case of eye rust going on there. But I don't mind. They could be rusted completely open, and it wouldn't bother me any. As far as I know, no silver eye, but I can't see, so can't tell. But I'd love her anyhow, silver eye or not.

She's wearing her meet dress and bloomers, with her meet kerchief tied around her waist. She's missing shoes, stockings and all her meet accessories.

I actually really, really like her meet dress. I like the texture of it, and the fact it's long-sleeved, just the whole thing. It's a really, really pretty dress.

Maybe I can be lucky and find her meet stockings and shoes on eBay, which is where I found her. Also, all her joints and such seem to be tight, and I think she could stand on her own. So bonus there.

I absolutely love her. She is weighted nicely, and huggable, and right at this moment, she's beside me on my bed, sharing a piece of the same blanket I'm snuggled up under.

I see a sociology test in my future. It'll be nice to have a study companion who wants to learn as much as me. And to all the AG collectors out there who have an Addy just for that sense of false diversity, fuck you and the horse you rode in on. If you have an Addy, let it be because you love Addy, not just so you'll have a black doll.

Edited, because I got sighted assistance with telling the colors of her ribbons and beads and the condition of her eyes, and I wanted to be detailed.
My Addy doll will be here tomorrow. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFGOMFG *Bounces around like a ball of squee* AAAH! I can't wait!

Just for fun, I should start looking for her stockings and boots, because she doesn't come with those, or any of her accessories. Thankfully, she DOES have her meet dress and drawers. Because if she didn't, she'd have to run around naked for a bit, as sadly, there're no eighteen-inch dolls in this house. All my CPK are sixteen or fourteen.

But yes. She has her dress and drawers so that works.

EEE so excited!


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