I was in the middle of dressing Kaya when the elastic in her leg joint broke and her leg fell off. And I'm terrified to try restringing that on my own because the restringing page looked scary.

I don't trust the A*G hospital, so I'ma have to figure out how to do it on my own.

If any of you have ever done it... well what am I saying? I follow [personal profile] nethilia of course someone's done it before... Someone please reassure me that stringing isn't terrifying.
So, what's gone on since I last posted? Well, I can show you. IN pictures!
Before )

Then Mom braided it back. The braids in this case have not one single thing to do with Kaya's ethnicity. It just seemed to fit. Kaya seems to be the type of person to not want to fuss with her hair more than necessary, so braids it is.

After )

Phew. May I never see hair that messed up again.

Thank you so much to my mom for all her help on this and for [personal profile] nethilia for introducing Braid Spray to the AG community and also for being one of the people who reminded me that just because an era is set for all historicals that they don't have to be confined to that era.
My Kaya arrived today... With hair that is so dry and knotted up that it feels like sandpaper, and man, for about half a second I thought it was textured. And I KNOW it shouldn't be. Kaya =/= Addy.

So, now, wonderful readers, should I brush it first, wash it first or braid spray it first. I'd suppose washing it first. I don't know what sort of crud is actually in it. OH, but I got a backpack out of the bargain, too, a nice thin plastic one with those straps that are like ... thin ropes. I actually like those.

Also, seller forgot to mention that either she, or someone in her family, or someone at the post office smokes... So poor Kaya smells like a smoker. I don't mind smoke. My dad smokes. But I'd have liked a warning. But I guess that's where braid spray, shampoo etc comes in.

Even despite all that, and being naked, I still adore her. She's absolutely beautiful.

Hey [personal profile] nethilia you're the doll whisperer. How much Braid Spray should you use on a doll whose hair feels like straw? Help a girl out?
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