Feb. 21st, 2014


Feb. 21st, 2014 01:43 pm
I think... I think I'm going to do something different this time around. As well as the usual documentation of the condition of my newest Gang member, I think I'll give you the impressions I have of her as well.

See, I never consciously create a doll personality. I'm a writer, but writing and that form of creating is an active creation. Where doll personalities are concerned, it's a very passive sort of creation for me. The stories just come to me. Sometimes a doll's physical appearance/smell/feel adds to it. But sometimes the process ignores any of those clues. And I can't describe it in any better terms than that. Most of you reading are either doll people yourselves, with your own processes of creation, or writers and other friendly, creative types, so I probably didn't need to explain this at all, but I did it anyhow. Ever doll I have feels different to me, and I don't just mean physically different. They all have a certain energy, I think. That's partly why I like secondary market dolls. They've been around enough to have an energy of their own though new dolls can too.

Anyhow, Josefina came to me naked, in a priority box, a bit smooshed, sitting in such a way inside the box that I kind of had to gently tug and pull a bit to get her out. Thankfully, I opened the box right end up this time, so it wasn't like poor Addy who came out on her face.

The first thing I realized when I reached into the box is that her hair is almost silky. Almost. It's obvious she's been loved, but it wasn't the rat's nest poor Kaya's was. That was a nice texture to greet my fingers.

I'd have taken a picture of her with her head peeping out of the box, but my grandma was here wanting to see what I got in the mail as she likes dolls too. I didn't want to keep her, because she is very elderly and prone to worrying that someone will break into her house if she's gone for more than five minutes even though you can clearly see her house from my front door... So, I'll be a writer and describe.

Josefina's head poked up out of the box, along with the tips of her braids. I had the uncanny but hilarious mental image of her braids like snail antennas, poking out to feel the world before more than the top of her head was visible.

But I pulled her out of the box and rummaged for clothes. I'm trying to buy her meet outfit in chunks. But she got here before her skirt, which is the only piece I have bought as yet, so we had to improvise, as I don't think Josefina would want to be naked dolly butt. She's not Kaya, after all. :P

All I had on hand was a white t-shirt from the My Life As schoolgirl outfit, and the denim skirt and starry mesh tights from the My Life As hairstylist outfit. So, that's what she's wearing.

Her braids were held in by rubber bands. They may have been the kind you're supposed to use on hair, but I doubt it. They felt like the kind you find in an office, so out they came, to be replaced by actual hair ties. No rubber band hair in this house if I can help it.

The seller says she has a lazy eye, but she actually doesn't seem to? They said sometimes it sticks, but that's not the same as a lazy eye to me. My Addy's eye sticks about half open all the time, and that'd be what I call a lazy eye. Her eyelashes are also interesting. Not as soft as Addy's or as hard as Kaya's, somewhere in the middle.

I like her face mold too, that straight nose is different than either Kaya or Addy's.

Now for my impressions. She smells like sunblock. The seller said she'd been exposed to the sun and sunblock. And me, being known for my weird flights of fancy like to imagine she went to the beach. Maybe it was the first time she ever saw the ocean, who knows. But she feels like summer. Maybe it's the fact she smells like sunblock, and therefore she smells like summer. But she reminds me of summer, which I like. The long days of summer are warm, happy, vivacious, and that's what I think her personality will end up being. She seems like she'd be fond of going barefoot, porch swings, going down to the river to let mud squish up between her toes, the kind of girl who lives for vacation.

And also, I think she would like music. I'm not sure if she'll stay in the past or become a part-time moddie, but either way, I think she's a good fit here.


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